Patel Precision Works Blog Latest Products Wed, 21 Feb 2024 14:39:39 +0530 en-us What is CNC Machining? Sat, 20 Nov 2021 19:40:36 +0530 CNC machining (computer numerical control) is a manufacturing method in which computer software regulates the motions of plant machinery and tools. The software can automate a variety of production processes, including milling, water jet cutting, and laser cutting. Through a CAD file, instructions are input into the CNC machine supplied by the CNC Axis Drive Manufacturer and transformed into a precise set of sequential instructions.  These preset directives allow the CNC machine to function without the need for a human operator. CNC machining provides many advantages to manufacturers, including cost savings, increased speed, higher accuracy, and increased production. What Are Axis Machines? CNC machines that work over many axis points are referred to as Axis machines. The method of separating material from a product until the appropriate shape is achieved is known as CNC machining. These devices have at least three axes and work in the XYZ plane: a vertical X-axis, a horizontal Y-axis, and a vertical Z-axis (depth). The inclusion of an A-axis (rotation around the X-axis) is denoted by the 4th axis, while the B axis is denoted by the 5th axis (rotation around the Y-axis). The type of work a CNC machine can accomplish, the amount of detail it can cut, and the workpiece positions it can move are all defined by the number of axes it has. So, what does all of this imply? The variations between 3 axis, 4 axis, and 5 CNC Axis Drive are well explained in the next section. 3 Axis  The workpiece stays in a similar position as the cutting tool trims off materials along the XYZ plane in 3 axis machining. This is appropriate for parts that just don't need a lot of texture or depth. 3 axis machining is the most frequent method for producing mechanical components. 4 Axis A workpiece is treated in the same manner it would be on a 3 axis machine, but with the addition of a rotational movement around the X-axis, referred to as the A-axis. The workpiece can now be sliced around the B axis thanks to this rotation. When openings or cuts have to be created on the edges of a workpiece, this approach comes in handy.  5 Axis A workpiece can be automatically manipulated from five sides at once with 5 axis machining. 5 axis CNC machines can utilise two of the three rotational axes (A, B, C) in addition to automatic motions along the X, Y, and Z axes. The A, B, and C axes, respectively, rotate 180 degrees around the X, Y, and Z axes. Automobile, aerospace, and boating sectors all employ this form of machining. Extremely intricate solid components that would normally have to be cast are frequently preferred for application. Machining with five axes necessitates more effort. Final Words  CNC machining is cost-effective in a variety of manufacturing applications. Improved product quality control, standardisation, and precision are just a few of the benefits. CNC machining uses computer-aided design (CAD) tools to control the cutting and shape of parts. The number of axes on a CNC machine determines the type of movement it can perform. What is the Requirement of the Stainless Steel TC Clamp? Tue, 25 Jan 2022 17:21:30 +0530 TC clamp or TRI CLOVER clamp is a valuable and essential regular usage element. It is a vital pipe connection in the biotech, beverage, pharmaceutical, and food industries. This pipe connection consists of a gasket compressed between the two tri-clamp that are mechanically compressed within a place with a clamp. Tri-clamp fittings are available in various forms and sizes.                                                It can be steel or plastic. You can use it ona temporary or permanent basis. You can select the design and structure as per your preference. Choosing the right type of tri-clamp is essential to ensure a safe connection for a particular application. Selecting the proper tri-clamp can minimise or eliminate bacterial growth, leaks, and contamination.Essential applications of tri-clampOne can use tri-clamp in various industrial and sanitation applications such as follows-•    Tri-clamp fittings are useful in hygienic or sanitary pipeline applications. Tri-clamp is ideal for transporting liquids that requirea high degree of purity and minimum risk of contamination. •    Tri-clamp connection gives a smooth and non-contaminating internal pipework joint. It can promote the growth of microorganisms. This pipework connection does not consist of threads, tight radii, or pockets that have the tendency to form entrapment areas. •    In the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries, cleaning, disassembling, and reconfiguring clamp connections is difficult to maintain a clean environment. •    An inappropriate connection can accumulate contaminants and bacteria, potentially ruining batches of fluids processed with costly clamp fitting.•    Plastic tri-clamp doesn't work for high volume or high-pressure liquids. Steel tri-clamp can work for the best in such a situation.Benefits of Stainless steel TC clampStainless steel TC clamp fittings may be suitable for extremely high pressure and high-temperature applications. These two situations are visible in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. It is essential to select the tri-clamp size as per the diameter of the tubing. Properly sized gasket selection is another essential part of selecting the right sized steel tri-clamp. Large-sized tri-clamp is available in two and three-segment types. However, both clamps offer similar performance. Three clamps have the benefit to install in a tight space easily. This clamp type is useful for permanent and semi-permanent applications where frequent maintenance and disassembly are not essential. Process of Choosing the proper TC Clamp ConnectionThe selection of the most suitable tri-clamp fitting starts with proper material selection. When you select the tri-clamp as per the steel and plastic, try to analyse the operating environment of the tri-clamp. Apart from that, you should also consider the temperature range, fluids flow rate, pressure range, environmental exposure, and fluid compatibility. If you select stainless steel TC clamp suppliers from various online portals, you should verify the supplier's authenticity to get the best quality tri-clamp.But you should verify the market price of the steel tri-clamp with other manufacturers and suppliers. It can help you to get the excellent TC clamp ata an affordable price. Never select the plastic TC clamp for heavy pressure or heavy temperature fluids; it can create accidents. Elaborate Discussion On the Check Valve And Their Uses Mon, 18 Apr 2022 10:41:47 +0530 We are well aware of the invisible yet vital importance of the valves around us and one of those important valves is the check valves used in industrial units for various crucialfunctions. However, the check valve is used for preventing the reverse flow of the fluids. In other words, one can say that the check valves are unidirectional valves. Anyhow, if the check valve is not installed and in case the water starts flowing in another direction then the serious damage can take place in the pipeline or other assets in the passage of the fluids in the whole network. So, placing the check valves is very important for the assurance of smooth and safe functioning of the appliances in the industries without any remote damage to them by avoiding the leakage to a significant extent. Applications of the Check Valve One of the main applications of the check valve is in industries pre-dominantly working on wastewater treatment, irrigation appliances, foods and beverages, oil and gases, power, drinking water, mining, pharma industry, hydraulic systems and so on. In these industries, there are certain pipeline connections where the backflow is not required in the pumps like in treating water the backflow can ruin the whole process of purifying the water and hence the check valves are required. In this way, the other industries also have the need offitting the check valves in the network for fulfilling the butter flow functioning.  What to Look Before Choosing Check Valve   There are certain things to check before buying the check valves and important one of them are discussed below: 1) Minimal Pressure Loss: It’s very important to check out that the check valve you choose has a pressure loss that is standardly acceptable because contrary to this can lead to the leakage which in result can damage the expensive and requisite appliances in the whole process.   2) Least Water Hammer: In some valves, the immediate halt of the backflow of fluids occurs which results in irreparable harm to pipes due to its expansion and deforming consequences. So, before choosing one must ensure that these issues won’t take place.   3) Easy Installation and Replacement: Another thing to consider is to ensure that the mechanism of its installation, repair and replacement are very convenient so that one doesn’t have to delay the whole process in case of any issue faced regarding it and timely fix it by himself.    4) Material and Technology Used: It’s important to check whether or not the quality product is used to manufacture it along with the latest and updated technique to cope with all other related factors. One must make sure that the metal used is stainless and non-rusty so that the quality of the product passes through it does not alter its quality.   So, check out for the finest check valve manufacturer and choose the one that does not settle down in the terms of quality and durability, in addition, makes them available at reasonably affordable prices. So, fill up your stocks by landing upon the most profitable deal with the best check valve suppliers and excel in your business. Lathe Machine: Modern Approach In components Making Tue, 03 May 2022 14:50:41 +0530 Almost every component in every machine is more or less made from lathe machines. Lathe machine plays a crucial rolein making sophisticated machine components. Different  types of lathe machines are used for different machining purposes. Majorly used to remove metals from a workpiece to provide desired size and shape.  In woodturning, metal spinning, glass working and metal working lathe machines are broadly used. Lathe machine is broadly known as “Father Of All Standard Machine Tools”.  Advanced technology has modified the lathe machines. The work efficiency and functionality of the modern lathe machines have increased far more than its previous generations  machines.   Terminologies Of Lathe Machines: A lathe machine consists of various types of parts. Headstock, Bed, tailstock, carriage, saddle etc are the prime parts of a lathe machine. The machine runs on an electric current.  Different jaw chuck lathes are available like three-jaw chuck, four jaw chuck, magnetic chuck and collet chuck.  Turret and Capstan lathe is the oldest lathe but with the help of technological advances there are several lathe machines are available. Center lathe, speed lathe, toolroom lathe and  CNC lathe machine are a few examples of modern machines. These lathe machines are well capable of delivering superior RPM, providing precise finishing of the job and time  efficiency makes these lathe machines primary workhorse for machine component making.   Operations Performed In Lathe: Various operations like centring, facing, knurling, drilling etc is performed. But before that, the workpiece or the job is loaded and locked on the spindle of the lathe. Some of the  important operations are mentioned below:   • Centring: To produce a conical hole in the job or in the workpiece this operation is used. Job is held between Head-stock and tail-stock.   • Facing:  It is used to produce a smooth flat surface with the axis of operation of the job. The job is held with the help of a three-jaw chuck or four-jaw chuck. And then  the job is rotated to the desired RPM and fed perpendicular direction to the tool attached.   • Turning: Excess material is removed in this operation to obtain a cone-shaped or cylindrical surface. With the help of a three-jaw chuck or four-jaw chuck, the job is  held in a proper place. The job is also fed perpendicularly to the tool for removing the excessing materials.   • Knurling: For effective gripping, a rough surface is produced in this process, Knurling tool is held rigidly on the tool post and pushed against the job locked in the  chuck of the lathe. The tool creates a facsimile of the tool on the surface.    Apart from the major operations lathe machine also performs different operations like cutter, shaper, sander and deformer. For precise cutting, shaping or sander lathe machine has  no alternates for ages. CNC lathe machine suppliers in India is witnessing a surge in demand in recent years.  These types of lathe machines are well capable of performing different operations in a precise manner.  Computer Numerical Control lathe machines made human life easy for their  fully or semi-automatic operating conditions. Only Feeding digital or numerical values to these lathe machines will deliver precise results just in time. A Handy Safety Device – The Pressure Relief Valve Fri, 06 May 2022 10:00:07 +0530 PRV or Pressure Relief Valve is used in industrial pipelines to limit or reign in the waves of pressure in pipelines. It protects the system and guarding against appliances failure against malfunctioning due to destruction by a sudden rise in pressure. These valves are generally found in industries where clean water is required.     The Reasons For The Requirements Of Pressure Relief Valves The primary function of a PRV Valve is to safeguard and protect the longevity, property where it is located and the environment so that everyone and every other equipment is safe and protected.   In reality, it is a safety apparatus and in many exemplary situations, it is the ultimate precautionary against the loss of life and property. As it is an instrument of immense importance, it should at all times be maintained and kept in optimum working conditions to reduce loss in life and property. Every industry with PRV Valves should be alert and make sure that it is in proper running condition.   The Operating System Of The PRV Valve   The operating system of the PRV Valve depends on the pilot Singer 81 –RP method of sensing the pressure that goes upstream via a link to the inlet of the valve. The pressure sensing system and the valve both remain in a closed position until and unless the pressure crosses the pilot setting limit.   In case the pressure exceeds the pilot setting limit, then the PRV Valve instantly opens up to release the damage-causing excess pressure. As soon as the excess pressure is released, the valve automatically closes very smoothly at a speed that is adjustable until the pressure returns to the point that has been set as its limit.   Varieties In PRV Valves   There are various types of PRV Valves. They are:   • Pressure relief valve operating on the pilot sensing method • PRV Valves that are directly operated • Safety valves for low pressure • The manually operated pressure safety valves • Simple safety valves for gas industries • Vacuum operated pressure safety valves   Features Of The PRV Valve   Certain features rule the pressure relief valves. They are:   • They are very low on maintenance • Takes very little time to flush out and operate and is hygienic • It reduces the chances of surges and thereby increasing the longevity of the pipeline • Has the ability to handle very high pressure very effectively and efficiently • Tightly closes • When made with premium quality raw materials they can last a good many years • The closing speed is adjustable as per requirement • Can make use of plant air or compressed air   Applications And Uses Of PRV Valves   The PRV Valves has extensive usage and is used in many industries where the level of pressure is of utmost importance in the smooth operation of the plant. It is mainly used in petrochemical, oil & gas and power generations plants that use steam, air, gas or liquid.   The Positives And The Negatives Of The System    The primary function is to release the pressure that has built up in excess in the pipeline system of the plant and so naturally they protect and safeguard the entire system and the property. It prevents the malfunctioning of the system. It helps in maintaining the constant flow of the pressure system of the pipeline. It increases the longevity of the pipelines by preventing them from bursting.   As this is a very key component in many factories that are working with a high-pressure system, these valves should be purchased from the best PRV Valve Manufacturers in Mumbai. NRV VALVES: Manufacture and Installation Mon, 16 May 2022 11:58:09 +0530 A non-return valve, also known as a check valve, clack valve, one-way valve, or retention valve, is a valve that allows fluid to flow in only one direction, preventing liquid or gas from returning back upstream. We'll look at how a NRV valve works and what it's used for, as well as some of the applications where you might find one.   A vertical NRV valve body usually only has two openings, with a closing component in the middle. The pressure of the fluid entering the valve keeps the closing mechanism open. If the fluid tries to return through the valve in the wrong direction, the closing member is pulled back over the valve's entry, blocking the flow.   The majority of non-return valves are controlled by the media flow itself, rather than by a person or an external control.    WHAT ARE THE APPLICATIONS OF A NON-RETURN VALVE?   Pumps: Non-return valves are used in many pump applications to avoid backflow on both the intake and exit lines of the pump head. Check valves are commonly installed on feed pumps for steam boilers, as well as metering pumps, which are used to maintain a flow rate at a certain outlet pressure. They're also used in chromatography, which is a process for separating components of a mixture in the laboratory.     Industrial processes: Non-return valves are commonly used in fluid and processing systems, such as those found in power plants and medicines, as well as fuel systems for transportation. In the nuclear sector, non-return valves are utilized in dump lines, nitrogen feed systems, and regions where water control systems are used. In fuel injection systems, non-return valves are employed; the injectors are essentially check valves intended to work with a high opening pressure and would be found in aviation fuel systems as well as on spacecraft where the launch vehicle would use them in the propulsion propellant control.   Domestic uses: Non-return valves made by NRV valve manufacturers in India are used in a variety of domestic applications, including home heating systems, sprinkler systems, and inflatable mattresses. The non-return valve can be an important safety feature in specific situations, such as preventing contaminated, used water from reentering a home water supply.   The main valve systems includes:   Swing check valves are only intended for horizontal use. The stopper "swings" open to allow flow when fluid pushes it in the right direction. It will close if flow moves in the opposite direction. Because gravity may impact the function of the swinging motion, the check valve cannot be used in vertical applications.   Vertical NRV valves are suitable for a variety of applications. They have a spring system that closes the Disc when the operating fluid pressure is insufficient to keep it open. Backflow is prevented by closing the valve when fluid pressure is applied rearward.   The company's finest engineers research industrial valve applications and functionalities before designing highly task-oriented solutions. The check valve is a self-closing valve that opens with forward flow and closes with reverse flow, preventing backflow. The Non-return valve exhibits minimal turbulence even at high pressures and temperatures. The best Industrial NRV Valves Manufacturers in India buy their raw materials and components from reputable suppliers. They assure the safety and good sealing of each valve by putting it through a battery of tests. PPW make Brass Ball Valves and their specialty Wed, 03 Aug 2022 12:01:10 +0530 Brass ball valves are used for controlling gases, oil, and water. These valves have various industrial and residential applications. Brass is the most common material used in the making of ball valves. Brass valves are preferred because they are cheaper and more transportable than steel valves.  Reasons for choosing PPW make brass ball valves: • Quality Assurance: Ball Valves are made of brass because brass prevents the growth of various microbes. Brass has antimicrobial properties. Therefore, good quality brass ensures the better working of the ball valve. PPW make brass ball valves have excellent quality brass which is both chemical resistant and corrosion resistance.  As brass ball valves are related to the allowance and obstruction in the flow of gases, liquids, and vapours, they must be manufactured in the most precise way. A lot depends on the manufacturer as a slight defect or fault can cause a lot of damage.    • ISO marking: Certification from International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides a sense of comfort to the customers. Business growth is ensured by these legal approvals, they also set a standard for the quality and service of the products. So, you automatically invest in these products when you see that they have these standardizations.    For expanding a business, it is important to gain public faith. With ISO markings a product gains worldwide recognition. Customers get assurance that the brand they are choosing values improvement and always serves the best.   • Experienced Manufacturers: Experience is the key to success. The manufacturers who have been in the manufacturing business for a long time exactly learn about therequirements of their clients. Experience helps to provide more client satisfaction.    • Good exchange policy: Buyers always prefer someone who provides a better exchange and returns policy for their products. Damages are a normal thing to happen to machines. So, reliable manufacturers have good exchange and return policies. Buyers feel more reluctant while making a purchase when they see their products do not have the proper guarantee period.    When buyers are provided with a lengthier guarantee period, they make their choices without any fear. • Economical: Buyers always prefer to have the best of all but at an affordable price. They want brass ball valves that are economical and do not like to be ripped off. A supplier capable of doing so gets the most preference. Affordability is the priority of most buyers or clients. They make sure they are putting their faith in someone who is not a scammer.    People do a lot of research before buying something for commercial and residential use. PPW makes brass ball valvesprovide their customers the ultimate satisfaction. With a good reputation, a business can go a long way. Thus, when products are manufactured with awareness and for the well-being of both the environment and humans, they gain good recognition.     For knowing their clients, manufacturers should be able to communicate with them. Better communication ensures a better business. When the inquiries of the clients are dealt with properly, they start relying on their manufacturers and service providers better.